There are three classes of people: those who see; those who see when they are shown; those who do not see.
Leonardo da Vinci

About the Convivio vision…

Convivio strives toward the perpetuation of Italianità, the Italian experience, and the Italian American narrative while emphasizing a broader purpose of fostering unity and collaboration. To that end, Convivio has two objectives:

  1. Establish the Convivio Center to serve as a community cultural hub providing programs and events. The Convivio Center will represent a unifying element for the local Italian community: By serving as a catalyst for collaboration of the numerous Italian community groups all working independently for a similar cause, the center will help these organizations to share vital resources and increase their collective impact—a space in which to find common ground and a home for the Italian community.
  2. Establish the Virtual Italian Cultural Institute (VICI), an educational resource to be founded through collaboration with academic, business, and civic partners in order to promote Italian Studies and scholarship and foster multicultural awareness and understanding. The Virtual Italian Cultural Institute will also serve to showcase new elements emerging from the culture alongside the rich Italian contributions of the past.

Convivio will achieve its goals for the educational and social benefit of the general public interested in Italian culture, as a tribute to the Italians whose immense contributions have shaped our culture, and as a legacy for the Italians of a new generation who want to preserve their historical narrative and advance their cultural traditions. Ultimately, Convivio envisions increased social capital arising from the establishment of the center and institute, thus adding an element of renewal to the whole of our collective cultural landscape.

More programs we’re working on…

La Voce Italiana
Capitalizing on the popularity of the music reality show The Voice and coupled with Italian music, La Voce Italiana will be a citywide contest for the best Italian voice; contestants must sing either in Italian, sing a song clearly associated with Italian culture, or sing a song by an Italian artist; all genres of music will be welcomed

Convivio VinoFesta
An annual wine show featuring Italy’s best wines

Convivio Culinary Awards
An open invitation event to identify the best young chef in San Diego; entrants cannot be a proprietor or executive chef

Italian Community Organization Network (ICON)
A collaborative venture for community organizations that promote Italian culture

Convivio Prize For Science
Italy has a tremendous history of scientific accomplishment, and Convivio will launch its very own Nobel Prize-type award in honor of Italy’s greatest scientists

Convivio Cup
Our very own World Cup will deliver the Convivio Cup for this soccer tournament featuring 16 teams

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