Sofia Zambalis-LowensteinDirector

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, just six miles west of the Big Apple, Sofia attributes to her past proximity to New York City a lifelong love of the arts, a respect for culture and living, and a recognition of the unique ability of the arts to bring people together. In her many travels, whether it is Italy, Greece, or back East to take in the vitality of Broadway, the museums, the Upper West Side, the hip Soho scene, Little Italy, or the little street fairs and outdoor markets, Sofia enjoys our deeply rich world filled with international music, food, and people and perspectives. She is a great supporter of the mission and vision of Convivio and is pleased to serve as both a board member and the Chair of the Films al Fresco 2016 season.

A mother of three adult children, Sofia is a cum laude graduate of the University of California San Diego, San Diego State University where she earned her teaching credential, and Coleman University where two MBAs were earned: the first with a concentration in marketing and leadership and the second with a concentration in healthcare. When Sofia is not supporting and enjoying the arts, she is the English Department Chair at a local high school.

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