Rosario Monetti

Rosario Monetti

Music Program Coordinator

Rosario Monetti was born in Naples, Italy, and he studied music and opera—singing first with international opera singer, tenor Marcello Ferraresi, then continuing his studies under the guidance of soprano Sandra Lepore from the Conservatory of Music S.Pietro a Majella in Naples. In 2000, his study continued under the supervision of the tenor, pianist, and music director Giovanni da Palestrina, of the Conservatory of Music, in Cagliari. And in 2006, he studied and perfected his singing technique with world-renowned soprano Katia Ricciarelli, in Tuscany.

Rosario has performed as soloist and member of the a cappella choir, Musica Antica, for several years all over Italy and Europe. As a singer, Rosario performs in a wide variety of music genres including opera, jazz, and swing.

Since 2009, Rosario has resided in San Diego, California, where he performs in most of the main venues and Italian festivals in Southern California.

Rosario also has an acting background, with IMDB credits in short films, feature films, and reality shows.
As the music producer of the San Diego Italian Film Festival, Rosario supervises all the music aspects of the film festival regarding the music and performers related to the the showcased movies during the entire festival season.

As the music director for Convivio, San Diego’s premier nonprofit Italian cultural organization, Rosario supervises, organizes, and hosts (and performs in) the Musicarramba! program, bringing to the stage the most acclaimed musicians of the San Diego music scene and beyond to include an international roster of talent.