Jim Bregante

Jim Bregante

Docent and Historian (in memoriam)

In memoriam. Jim Bregante relishes sharing his experience as a child growing up in San Diego’s Little Italy, near all the vibrant waterfront life. He has launched a new career at this stage in life, satisfying a city-wide yearning for a historical presentation on life in the Italian community and its relationship to the waterfront.

Jim developed his presentation at the request of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, as part of a training program for docents. Little did he realize it would turn into a new career.

Today, Jim has been called to share his story with many groups throughout San Diego. In  twelve years, Jim has given 335 presentations to an audience of 12,800 people. His program has been well received by many interested groups.

Visit Jim’s Web site at myhistoricalpresentation.com