Happy Birthday, Joe DiMaggio!

In the pantheon of American baseball stands a famous Italian American, and November 25 marks Joltin’ Joe’s birthday. We remember him today for his athletic prowess and baseball [...]

Remembering Stefano Brunetto

This week, the Brunetto Family of Mona Lisa laid to rest its patriarch, Stefano Brunetto (known to me and most of the community as “Zu” Stefanu, meaning “uncle” in [...]

Amici House

We are pleased to announce that Convivio will be establishing a heritage and visitors center in Little Italy–Amici House–in Amici Park near State and Date Streets with the support of [...]

Little Italy Heritage Commission

“We do need to act on preserving our culture by way of a comprehensive cultural center. . . we have the assets and interest.” –Longtime supporter of Italian culture in San Diego [...]

Convivio Center Reflections

Most visitors to the Convivio Center would first see the paladino, the knight in armor standing in view through the front window (and donated by Umberto Falcone, resident of Little Italy), just [...]

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