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Your Cinema Passport in San Diego

By Raphael Umphres-Piscitelli

As summer time begins and the days turn long, the splashes of the fountain in La Piazza Della Famiglia in San Diego’s Little Italy sound somehow more inviting at evening time, as if India or Columbia Street were inviting you to spend your evening outside. The sott’er celo de Roma effect is alive and well in San Diego.

Walking through the street, you’ll find every novelty of Italian Culture in San Diego. Photos of prominent Italian celebrities and historical figures line the street, and perhaps you’ll stop at a Gelateria that you haven’t tried before, have an evening cup of coffee at an old haunt, or take an espresso martini in a crowded room with friends.

Amid all of your ways to enjoy Little Italy, there is one best kept secret: Convivio Society.

If you hadn’t heard yet, Convivio Society is San Diego’s home for Italian Culture, celebrating generations of the Italian American Experience, with Feste (street fairs), regular Karaoke nights under the stars, and a lovely Cafe based on the patio of the Amici House—a San Diego landmark.

You can find Convivio in a quiet, peaceful corner of Little Italy at Amici Park, where Little Italy’s locals play Bocce ball, or meet for coffee before walking their dog.

Convivio has, by far, the best-kept secret of summertime: Films al Fresco. Just a left turn and a few steps from the Piazza will take you to the Double Tree Hilton Hotel on Front Street, where Italian-American and other favorites like Moonstruck are playing in the skyline room or the rooftop balcony overlooking the city Friday nights this summer.

Other Favorites include family friendly flicks like Disney’s Luca, wholesome vintage hits like Mary Poppins, and even cult-classics like Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather II. It isn’t clear if Convivio will ever play The Godfather III… which is a highly debated film in the Italian-American community. But who knows!

Friday Nights this summer starting May 10th, 2024, family-friendly and culture-driven events are at your fingertips to get friends together for drinks, snacks, and marvels of Italian Cinema in San Diego.

Showtimes are at 7:00, with doors opening for socializing at 6:30. Ci Vediamo Pronto! (We’ll see you soon!)

You can find the full schedule of events on Convivio’s website, are available for the Films al Fresco series on ticket tailor, here’s a link!

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