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By Susanna Klein

Spring is all about new beginnings. Animals awaken from their hibernation, flowers bloom, and renewal is in the air. Perhaps this inspires you to seek new connections, try new coffee…or learn Italian? The Convivio Society listens to you! 
As an introduction to the Convivio Society, feel free to stop on by the Amici House and connect with our ambassadors. As they will tell you, Convivio is the love of Italian culture, Italian history, and Italian life. Beyond that, Convivio encourages multicultural connections as an Italian host. Everyone is welcome! 
As you embark on this season of renewal, the Convivio Society is the perfect place to experience growth. Step outside, enjoy the sunny weather, and mingle with a new amici at the Open Mic or Karaoke sessions. Community is further expanded through our Social Club, where you can enjoy more members-only events (you will not want to miss the Speakeasy or Book Banter sessions) and a 25% discount at our caffè on coffee and tea drinks. 
Broaden your historical knowledge bank and delve into San Diego’s Italian Heritage through the Italian Archives of San Diego. From there, take your newfound knowledge to a Colloqui Speaker event in June, where speakers present on topics of interest for the Italian and Italian American communities. Stay tuned for the reveal of who it will be! 
Your interest and presence within the educational and archival efforts of Convivio are what keep community engagement alive. As you know, learning from the past can supplement our future, and that is why campaigns such as the Convivio Legacy Partners are so vital. 
Financial contributions to this campaign—alongside our other community initiatives—support the Convivio Society’s goal of Italian culture appreciation and community engagement. 
As the warmth of spring envelops us with its promise of new beginnings, the Convivio Society stands ready to welcome you into a vibrant community where the love of Italian culture thrives, connections flourish, and the spirit of renewal is celebrated.

Check us out, get connected, and help us keep the memories alive at and follow us along on Instagram @conviviosociety.

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