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It’s Time to Sway: Open Mic!

By Susanna Klein

Many of us can recall artistic performances that have gripped us. Activating such memories releases a distinct high, flooding our senses with the joy we felt witnessing the artist at work. Perhaps you are a performance artist yourself. Yes, I’m talking to you: singers, musicians, poets, dancers, all of you! Artists like yourself understand the gravity of a moving performance, as it likely inspires you to visit the drawing board and create something just as moving. Even if you’re not an artist at all, recall that high which accompanies a memorable performance. The inspiration you draw feels like a call to action—you may even want to mimic the feeling in some way. 

Without getting carried away with the arguably beautiful nature of human psychology and our propensity for mimicry, I compel you to inspire your fellow members at our Open Mic on March 2nd at 11:00 AM! Regardless if you’re an expert or a novice, bring your snapping fingers and bask in the warmth of local music or poetry. Of course, as the term “open mic” suggests, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you have stand up material that needs some exposure, or you can create a tune using spoons. Here at the Convivio Society, we want the Little Italy community to feel comfortable in expressing their talents. The world (the Amici House/park) is your stage!

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