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Gift cards: so impersonal, right?

By Susanna Klein

When I was eight, I was invited to one of those birthday parties that the entire class was invited to attend. The birthday boy and I exchanged about twenty words in total. “Just get him a gift card to Target,” my mom suggested. Before I could reject the idea as impersonal, I realized I had no idea what my classmate liked to do for fun, or what his favorite food was. Even recollections of him picking a specific color of crayon failed to populate my mind. Alright, let’s get him a gift card, I decided.

Long story short, my classmate was unamused. He skimmed the birthday card, handed the gift card over to his mom, and proceeded to unwrap the larger presents. Fast forward to today: as a twenty-two-year-old adult, I am sure my classmate wishes he had a Target gift card to spare. I know I do. With a gift card, the world is my oyster. 

Gift cards: the best gift you can give this holiday season.

When I moved to Little Italy before my last year of undergrad at UCSD, my landlord told me that for many San Diegans, Little Italy is the place to be. I couldn’t agree more. Yet, as fortunate as I am to live here, I was shocked to learn that a significant amount of children at Little Italy’s Washington Elementary are unsheltered and at risk. I know what you’re thinking: I need to do something about this. Firstly, I’d love to extend a cordial invitation to join the Convivio Society. You can join us in aiding the Washington Elementary School Foundation and furthering our collective goal of enriching the lives of these children.

You can also donate to Cards for Kids!

Here’s how it works: 100% of your donations will go toward gift cards for families’ essential needs—and special Christmas wishes! With a gift card, the world can be these kids’ oysters. And believe me: a gift card can be the most personal gift you give this year. 




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