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San Diego Symphony (The Godfather Live): A Reflection – Part II

The lights dim, the near-capacity crowd begins to settle, and on the screen above the stage where the musicians are poised for greatness, the Paramount logo materializes, and then…the solo trumpet begins its wail and the credits appear. You know the tune…The Godfather Waltz…dark, foreboding, and unforgettable. Thus, the San Diego Symphony’s The Godfather Live event begins–quietly, without fanfare–and an evening of pure magic follows. A cinematic capolavoro. A musical masterpiece. And another testament to Italian and Italian American influences on cinema and music, as well as the artistic merits of our own San Diego Symphony.

The event was brought to you by the San Diego Symphony, CineConcerts, and the San Diego Symphony conductor Justin Freers. You can read more about the event, the score restoration, and the conductor here through the Film Music Society.

Convivio is privileged to have been a part of this special evening, and we look forward to more San Diego Symphony events celebrating the masterful Italian film scores accompanying some of the silver screen’s greatest achievements by Italian filmmakers.

For more information on the San Diego Symphony, please visit the San Diego Symphony online.


  1. Richard Badami

    Frankly, I am astounded that Convivio and Bice would put their names on an event that trivialized the achievement that is the “The Godfather” with a “Mafia Costume Party.” As a Sicilian-American whose roots are in Corleone, I wonder why you would help foster a grossly misguided cultural stereotype that has plagued Italian-Americans for generations. Certainly, Italian culture, with its food, wine, fashion and rich musical heritage offered far better themes for celebration. I expected much more from the San Diego Symphony than to dismiss what is perhaps the greatest film ever made as simply another mob movie. I hardly think a Mafia Costume Party falls into the category of an enlightening and inspiring educational and social experiences that Convivio strives to achieve.

    • convivio

      Thanks for your comment and insights, Richard,
      Obviously, myriad viewpoints exist regarding this issue, and we hope to explore them further and have a useful conversation with the community.


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